Production Project Session 1



Character Artist / Things That Move in the World

Intention (SMART Goal)


Leader in the Field / Exemplary Work

Adrian Carmack and Kevin Cloud’s work on the original doom

Training Source

Project Timeline

We Have three weeks to finish




Skills Commentary


21st Century Skills

Ways of Thinking (Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving)

Ways of Working (Communication & Collaboration)

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Session 5 Production Project


Role: Character Artist/ Things That Move In The World


By May 10th, as a member of team 7, I will make a complete system to allow the player to interact with my game. to do this I will use the tutorial series by Dave / GameDevelopment particularly the movement tutorials from them.

Leader in The Field

The leader in the field will be John Carmack. John Carmack was the lead programmer for the original Doom, Quake 1, and Quake 2. He also made the first “3d” game.

Training Source

My Training source for Making character movement was Dave / GameDevelopment‘s Movement tutorials.

For the basics of movement:

For Jumping and sprinting:

Skills Commentary


In This session, I focused on making the basic movement of my game. I added WASD input, a jump key, gravity, and a climbing system.


21st Century Skills

Ways of Thinking

This session stretched my skillset particularly hard, because not only my first time programming a game using C# instead of block-based programming, but I was also using an operating system for my computer that I was not familiar with. This led to many issues where Unity’s input handler would break in many ways and often would make the controls unusable. I fixed this by separating the movement systems from the camera controls so that they could both run in separate scripts.

I also had to fix an issue where Unity sometimes would loop the previous input if there were more than one other key being pressed and it would not release inputs if other keys were being used at that time. I fixed this by adding a state handler to my movement script that would add extra restrictions such as putting a cap on how many inputs the movement controller would take. This fixed the issue for the majority of the actions, but there are still some lingering bugs with it that I plan to sort out.

Ways of Working (Communication & Collaboration)

I worked alone for the most part, but I used the other people in my team as a resource for figuring out how to fix issues in my code and I would act as a resource if they had any issues with what they were working on.

Ways of Living in the World

I developed my ability to program. Before I started session 5 I was not able to understand most programs and how they worked and after this session, I was able to effectively use my new skills to create functions without using a tutorial.

What I Learned

During This session, I learned how to better take what I learned from a tutorial and transpose the lessons learned onto my projects. I also learned how to make a workflow and through the session I improved my workflow.

Grammar Checker


Blog Post Editor





Role: Independent Learning


By March 2nd I intended to learn how to create a simple program using the language GLSL. I know this task is completed due to me having a working program that is running on GLSL. I was setting this goal so that later on I can write improved graphical effects in the game engine’s rendering pipeline for when I start working on the game. The deadline that I had set for myself was on March 2nd which was realistic.


Training Sources

Before I started learning I needed resources so that I could understand what I was making. The sources I used, and will use are all compiled into a document that is linked below.

Training Timeline

I intended to be able to make and control the curves of colors by March 2nd, starting 2 weeks before. The first week was spent downloading all the tools that I needed, and setting them up so that they could work together. After I completed this I spent the rest of the time reading through The Book of Shaders and watching the videos on linear algebra by 3Blue 1Brown. I managed to learn the basics of curves and such before I had initially expected.